Vampire Weekend's Baio receives DJ  Tennis remix treatment

Vampire Weekend's Baio receives DJ Tennis remix treatment

Vampire Weekend is a Grammy award winning act that is responsible for making really nice and inoffensive music that you can play to your mother. It really is nice music. Well, Baio is the bass player of Vampire Weekend and if you’ve heard their music before then you know that Baio’s musicianship is integral to the band’s sound. And as turns out he is the guy in the band most likely to be compared to Dave Grohl as he is looking to further his career with side projects (there is always one). If you’re keen then search out his recently released debut album...

…but for all intents and purposes of this post we are looking at the remix of lead single ‘All the Idiots’ which has received the Life and Death treatment from label founder, and upcoming LTEC debutee, DJ Tennis. In true Tennis fashion he delivers a rollercoaster ride of a remix which errs on the side of darkness without ever completely giving in to it. You think it is about to slip into the void but then a slither light keeps shining through, a synth playfully jumping and running around the main bass to ultimately deliver s track which will sound AMAZING at the Mansion…  Check out the remix here courtesy of The Boiler Room who recently premiered the track.