Let Them eat Cake 2015 reviews

Let Them eat Cake 2015 reviews

The results are in and everyone agrees... Let Them Eat Cake 2015 were something special!

‘Let Them Eat Cake is currently unrivalled on Australia's underground festival circuit’ – 4.5/5 
Resident Advisor

‘A festival to rival all other festivals’ 
Stoney Roads

‘There is just a huge amount of love and care put into every element, and the result is incredible’ 
Circle Square Triangle

‘Let Them Eat Cake is a fabulous dream construct’ 
Pulse Radio

‘I could not think of a better way to start the new year.’
The Ripe

‘New year’s eve is now nothing more than the night before Let Them Eat Cake.’ 
Tone Deaf

‘A whirlwind day of extravagance in its purest form.’ 
Beat Magazine

‘Organizers maintain the feel of a chilled garden party in the park with friends’
The Music