Food Rave finally announced!

Food Rave finally announced!

Foodies rejoice! Not only are Let Them Eat Cake attendees set to kick off 2016 with the best musical lineup Melbourne has on offer, The LTEC food lineup is back to entice your taste buds all over again. 

Spice up your life with some Indian from Big Cook Little Cook, indulge in some handmade, wood-fired pizza and Italian treats from Ladro, experience the best of BBQ’d meat from Burn City Smokers, or nibble on Vietnamese street food from Nem N’ Nem. Delicious festival feasts will also be available from Daily Food Co or  if you fancy a Uruguayan steak sandwich, there’s Chivito. 

If you need to kick start your day Every Day Coffee have got you covered, returning to LTEC with their favoured cappuccinos and espresso martinis. If you’re more partial to a tea, Storm in a Teacup invites you to experience tea in a different capacity with one of their sparking tea cocktails, tea infused spirits or new iced teas. 

It's no wonder the food rave area is one of the most popular parts of the festival; the options are endless. A good year begins with a good feed and a good dance, Let Them Eat Cake has got your back on both fronts. 

Check out all the vendors here...