Silent Jay feat. Loreli

Silent Jay feat. Loreli

Silent Jay SILENTJAY has had an enviable musical journey so far. From studying Jazz Improvisation, to being a singer in the future-soul group Hiatus Kaiyote, to playing The Operatives sold out shows with artists like Flying Lotus, SILENTJAY has laid a superbly solid foundation for his own rapidly rising artistry and debut album early 2016.  

The effortless and imaginative 23 year old multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer SILENTJAY has spent the last two years touring and performing on some prolific bills. In the background he's crafted a monstrous catalogue of material that will manifest a debut album and many follow up albums to come.

His influences, experiences and the creative company he keeps has helped him shape a perfectly balanced sound full of rich golden layers of vocals, live instrumentation and electronica that sits naturally outside the genres of soul, R&B, jazz and hip-hop.

Alejandro Jay Abapo or SILENTJAY not only alludes to a silent 'J' in his name, but he embodies a rare quiet and magical soul. In person, a pondering, endearing and humble human with a towering presence. On stage, music becomes him. He sinks into his sonic offering, revelling in a joyous, rhythmic and hypnotic performance.

There are few artists or producers that are firmly cemented in a cross section of the soul, hip-hop, jazz and electronic music scenes in Australia. With that reputability he has curated a live band from the cream of musicians in the scene that will bring this blazing glory to life.

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