Monkey Marc

Melbourne-based electronic producer Monkey Marc writes sonically rugged, politically charged music in his solar-powered studio by day, and plays it on his solar-powered soundsystem by night.

His sound has been likened to Prince Paul meets King Tubby with the bass turned up.

Monkey Marc began producing music with a tape machine and a one-second-sampler in the late 90s, when his passion for bass lead him towards the sounds of jungle, breaks and hip hop. Eventually he bought himself a drum machine when he couldn’t find the records he was looking for.

His love of music and his strong political ideals led him on a wild and adventurous track. In 1998, he co-founded the Labrats solar-powered soundsystem and released a series of albums by political hip hop group, Combat Wombat.

In 2006, he established a solar-powered recording studio in a converted shipping container in Melbourne. He co-founded the DIY Hi Fi soundsystem in 2013: a fully off-grid, full-range solar- and wind-powered soundsystem. 

Monkey Marc's passion for social change and music has also taken him across the Australian outback, running workshops with indigenous youth and elders over the last 13 years. He currently spends up to six months of the year running music workshops in remote Aboriginal communities.

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