Mike Callander

Mike Callander

Mike Callander is one of Australia's most dynamic DJs, resident of Melbourne's infamous Revolver, and co-founder of Haul Music and School of Synthesis. 

Mike's debut album “Antarctica” saw its first single signed to Dave Seaman's Renaissance mix, while the subsequent release of his remix album resulted in another signing, this time to Phil K’s Darkbeat CD. Recent work includes collaborations with Bertie Blackman and SubAudible Hum frontman Danny Griffith. 

As a DJ Mike has enjoyed long-term residencies at coveted institutions such as Revolver and Honkytonks, for which he also released a mix CD “The Last Dance”, while also touring the world at high profile clubs such as Rex Club in Paris, and Berlin's Horst, Bar 25, Cookies and Watergate, where he appears regularly, as well as in Cologne, Prague, Warsaw, Los Angeles, Madrid and Malaysia. 

At home Mike’s DJing in support of touring international artists at countless clubs and festivals continues to earn accolades, with many labelling him one of Australia's finest – most notably Get Physical's DJ T., who invited Mike to Berlin to play at his 20 years of DJing anniversary event. 

Mike is also one of only a select few Australian artists to have been named on the In The Mix honour role, cementing his status as a legend of the Australian underground music scene. 

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