Louis McCoy

Louis McCoy is a confounding creature. Sometimes masquerading as ‘The Vanilla Prince’ and other naff non de plumes, McCoy often loses crowds for large periods of time when he plays esoteric Serbian folk hymn forty fives at 33 rpm. If given a chance he would DJ entirely from mini disks. Just like his cat Ken Bruce, many friends and family believe he has in fact gone completely mad.

McCoy’s record bag always contains an eclectic mix of tunes spanning from RnB to Techno as well as a couple of Yellow Pages to stand on. Because if he can’t reach the decks, he’ll touch the crowd. When he does reach them, he fiddles knobs pretty well, creating textured cross genre vignettes anchored with fun time jams and his sets that are as unpredictable as his moods (in a good way).

A founding member of Melbourne collective Out Of Focus, McCoy has helped widen the local electronic music panorama because, “nobody was playing the shit he wanted to hear”. His musical tour de force, Melbourne’s first electronic music festival – Inner Varnika – has showcased local talent and some of the worlds most revered DJs including techno legend Donato Dozzy.

In his own right he has warmed up for the likes of Jeff Mills, Kyle Hall, Recondite and Steffi. He’s played at all the fire twirling events such asStrawberry FieldsRainbow Serpent and the mecca of spiritual hedonism,Burning Man. He’s also available to DJ at funerals at a competitive hourly rate, on the proviso that he opens with Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag.

When not DJing, managing DJs or building burger bars, Louis can be found researching tao dancer Michael Flatly on the internet, and ensuring his restraining order against kale has not been breached. His favourite clothing is black mesh, which he likes to couple with a pair of Crocs.

He’s the real McCoy...

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