A vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer from Melbourne, she has a rare artistic sophistication and beat sensibility that weaves itself through every kick, breathe and drop.

An accomplished DJ, theatre and film soundtrack composer and musical mentor for Indigenous female artists, she recently returned from a European tour, where she worked on her debut EP at Invada Records, the famed Portishead Studios in the UK.

Live on stage, Beatrice transforms into electronic vocal lushness and an atmosphere of deep hiphop, subterranean bass and electrifying breakbeats. A rising performer on the Australian festival circuit she has performed at most major electronic festival from Rainbow Serpent to the Falls festival.

Back in her own studio, a space filled with vintage synths and samplers, stringed instruments and a myriad of curiosities. Its a rich bed to create the many electronic musical incarnations that we will see on her “Move toward the mountain” EP release early in 2016.


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